Nov 24, 2010

Successful Completion of the Turf Grass Management short course

In October the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Mauritius ran a ‘Turfgrass Short Course’ for stakeholders in Mauritius who work in the turfgrass and landscape industry.  A total of 14 people attended the week-long course, which was taught by Dr. Elizabeth Guertal, a Fulbright Fellow from Auburn University, Alabama, USA, who is currently teaching at the University of Mauritius.  Attendees of the short course were superintendents and greens committee members from area golf courses, grounds management staff, and members of the University and extension community.  Excellent discussion and exchanges were held during the first four days of the course, and the topics of weed control, turfgrass selection, soil testing and course construction were all covered.  One the last day everyone enjoyed a tour of golf courses, sod production facilities and football stadia.
Contributor and Photos: Prof E. Guertal

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