Nov 16, 2010

Business Angels - Some Snapshots

The  2nd Business Angels Forum organized by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Mauritius in collaboration with the Mauritius Research Council was held at Paul Octave Wiehe Auditorium, University of Mauritius on the 15 November 2010.  It has regrouped some 20 innovators in the agribusiness field and some 20 Business Angels. It focused on how the innovators need to communicate their ideas successfully to Business Angels.Mr  Bhimal Rai based in UK shared his wide experience in an interactive session with the participants and business Angels. He explained the basic principles behind this new mode of financing and gave ample evidence on how innovators can achieve success in their endeavours. A range of projects were presented and discussed. Some snapshots of the event (opening ceremony, interactive session with Mr B. Rai, interaction of Business Angels with participants among others) are shown below, pending a resume of the event by the organising commitee. There are also some photos of the event on Minister Rajesh Jeetah's blog. Click here

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