Dec 21, 2010

Donation of Laboratory Equipment by Mr Anand DABY - A postgraduate student at the FoA

I am very pleased to inform you that today Mr Anand Daby, a student of the current MSc Food Science and Technology donated some lab equipment to the Faculty.  In a brief speech, he said that he has at heart the future of the current generation of students at the FoA and he hopes this will help the Faculty staff in their practical sessions. he also added that his donation should be regarded as a reflection of his generosity and humility. On behalf of all FoA staff and students, I thanked him warmly for his generosity and care he has showed to all of us. He intends to donate more in the near future.


K.Boodhoo said...

Congratulations Mr Daby. We wish our alumni could follow your steps.
Thank You very much

arvind said...

Thank you Mr Daby for this donation. Heartfelt appreciation from all staff of the Faculty