Dec 17, 2010

End of Year Message and Farewell Note by Dean, Assoc. Prof. Puchooa

Dear Students and Staff of the FoA
I have much pleasure in sending you all an end of year message and a farewell note that follows below,before I end my term as Dean. I really appreciated your support and guidance.Thank You.

Dear Colleagues,
I have nearly come to the close of my tenure as Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture. As I head into the last week of my Deanship, I came to realise how fast the last 3 1/2 years have passed by. Indeed, these years will remain one of best moments in my career highlights. I must say that serving as Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture has been the most satisfying and enlightened months (42) I have spent. I have enjoyed it so well than I can’t easily convey my deepest feelings through words.

What a wonderful time it was, wonderful because during this time, I have been privileged to head an exceptional community of staff and students at the Faculty. I have been truly fortunate to work with a wonderful team of people, albeit their different perspective and views. Their dedication and commitment to the affairs of the Faculty and its students and to the University of Mauritius is one of the major reasons for the success that the Faculty has had over the last years. Together, we have accomplished a great deal in the pursuit of making the Faculty of Agriculture more visible and credible and to achieve its main goals of providing a satisfying education to our graduates. You would agree that performance of this level cannot be delivered by operating in a vacuum. This was achieved by your good job performance, strong partnership, and manageable tolerance. I therefore commend all staff for their unfailing support in helping me to bring the Faculty to its new heights. Through my frequent reflections, I have always valued your huge efforts, trust and hard work to realise our ambitions. I want to record that it is my belief that the staff of the Faculty of Agriculture are dedicated to providing outstanding service and moving forward in innovative ways for a better future.

I am also proud that we have built long-term partnerships based on shared values with organisations representing academia, government, business and international organisations as well, amongst others. Indeed, I must say that our image on the regional front has improved as well. These meaningful partnerships leave us poised to ensure their consolidation and sustainability.

I can assure you that during my tenure of office, I have taken consistent and transparent decisions based on mutual dialogues and consultations. In some circumstances, I might have appeared to have been harsh while taking some decisions but these were done for the overall benefit of the Faculty and most importantly, for the welfare of all staff and students. I have done my best and committed myself to ensure that my successor, Assoc Prof M B F Driver, has the best possible platform from which to take the Faculty forward. I am grateful to the Senior Management of the University and, in particular, the Vice-Chancellor Prof K Morgan for his support for the smooth running of the Faculty. I can assure you that I will continue to share my experience with my peers both at the Faculty and the University to drive forward the many initiatives currently underway and other future activities. At this point in time, I will request that you continue to give your full support to Assoc Prof M F B Driver and her team to bring the Faculty to newer heights. I wish her success in her future endeavours for managing the Faculty.

I wish to share with you some of my guiding principles: self-discipline and constant daily improvements. I have just kept doing my best and let life do the rest, accepting whatever comes with the knowledge that it is your highest good, life will work out wonderfully. With these few words, I end by saying that I strongly believe that our Faculty has a bright future as we are blessed with dedicated staff at all levels.

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Peaceful, Prosperous & Happy New Year 2011.

For the coming New Year my take-home message for a life full of true happiness will be:

“All too often people attempt to live their lives backwards: they spend their days striving to get the things that will make them happy rather than having the wisdom to realise that happiness is not a place you reach but a state you create. Happiness and a life of deep fulfillment comes when you commit yourself from the very core of your soul, to the spending your highest human talents on a purpose that makes a difference in others’ lives. When all the chatter is stripped away from your life, its true meaning will become clear: to live for something more than yourself. Stated simply, the purpose of life is life of purpose”

God Bless

Dean, Assoc Prof D Puchooa



Quote "For the coming New Year my take-home message for a life full of true happiness will be: ...."

Well said & best wishes for 2011.

K.Boodhoo said...

Congratulations Sudesh.
You have made it with style and commitment. La vraie valeur du macon se trouve devant le mur. God bless.

K.Boodhoo said...

Congratulations Sudesh.
You have made it with style and commitment. La vraie valeur du macon se trouve devant le mur. God bless.

Je ne connais pas d'exception à ce proverbe si proche de l'expérience quotidienne et en particulier de la vie professionnelle. C'est au résultat que l'on voit le bon ouvrier. Lorsque le maçon est au pied du mur, c'est au pied du mur qu'il doit monter brique à brique et qui n'est pas encore fait qu'il se trouve. Autrement dit, il ne s'agit pas de se payer de mots ! C'est dans les actes que l'on voit si l'homme est capable ou s'il est seulement un beau parleur.
Un grand équipementier sportif a choisi comme slogan l'équivalent de ce proverbe : "Just do it" (Il n'y a plus qu'à le faire). Autrement dit, on te fournit le matériel (qu'on te fait payer), mais personne ne fera la course à ta place.

deeya said...

really appreciated your work Sir

God bless you