Jul 10, 2011

Activities by the Agricultural Society of the University _ World Environment Day

About 250 young people participated in the Carnaval walk for the World Environment Day and it included about 80 students from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius and youth, associated with the ENL foundation, from regions such as Ste Catherine, Alma, Pailles, L'Escalier and St Pierre. The event took place at les Alles Helvetia Parking, Moka.

They used banners to sensitize the public on the importance of preserving the environment and also some of them were dressed in plants parts and leaves and even fruits as decoration to make a better impact in their sensitisation campaign. 300 free endemic plants were also distributed by the ENL foundation to the public to encourage people to grow a tree. 

The Agricultural Society and the other students from the Faculty of Agriculture mounted a stand whereby several videos on how to protect the Environment and how Agriculture can contribute to a better Environment was shown. The composting demonstration attracted a very good response and the public was very much interested in such advancement in Agriculture.

Ajay Taurauchand, President Ag. Society

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Nawsheen Hosenally said...

Keep up the good work AS! :)