Jul 4, 2011

Agricultural Job Fair 2011 by Agricultural Society

The Students Union in collaboration with the Agricultural Society organised an Agricultural Job Fair on Friday 25th March 2011 at the UOM Raised Plaza. The opening ceremony was done by Mrs Roshini Brizmohun-Gopaul who represented the Dean and also delivered the Dean's speech. The main aims are to provide a platform through which students and companies can interact and foster contacts. Students will be able to get a wider knowledge about the Mauritian Agricultural Sector and the new emerging technologies such as biosecurity, food safety, aquaculture, biotechnology, agricultural engineering and plant protection.

The companies present will be:

  • Adicon Biotechnologies
  • Meaders Feeds LTD
  • Food and Industries Allied LTD
  • Innodis Group
  • Mauritius Wildlife Foundation
  • Agricultural Research and Extension Unitjavascript:void(0)
  • Irrigation Authority
  • Small Planters Welfare Fund

It was well attended by the agricultural students. Through their interactions with the stakeholders they came to understand the real work conditions and skills that are required from them. According to many of them, it was a fruitful exercise and this gave them good clues on how to prepare their application dossier. Nevertheless, they also learned that the transition form the academia to the world of work is not always a smooth one and that their skills they have gained at the University must come in the forefront to be able to attract the prospective employers.They want our graduates to be innovative, risk takers, engage themselves fully in work, propose ideas and solutions in their place of work.

Good Luck to all of you especially to those graduating this year.

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