Jul 4, 2011

Full Bright Scholar 2011- Prof Gannon-- Farewell

Prof James Gannon from the the University of Montana’s received Fulbright Scholar grants for the 2010-11 academic year. Prof Gannon spent 6 months at the Faculty where he conducted lectures and practicals, helped in the development of an undergraduate programme in Microbiology, interacted with stakeholders in the food industries and carried out research in food microbiology. In fact, he provided valuable help to the the investigators researching the prevalence of Campylobacter spp. in the local food supply. Campylobacter is a bacterium and is the No. 1 food pathogen in the world at this time. Prof Gannon has also run an excellent short course in Microbiology in June 2011 prior to his departure to the US. This course was well received by all participants.

At the farewell meeting, the Dean said in her speech that Prof Gannon will be remembered for 'we cannot be left untouched by the passion and simplicity of Prof Gannon in sharing his knowledge of the subject'. This is what I also retain of Prof Gannon's attachment at the Faculty. Indeed, he is a walking encyclopedia on the subject matter. Staff who had interacted with him, recognised in him; great modesty and an unassuming person.

In his speech, Prof Gannon thanked all the staff who have worked with him closely over the past 6 months and he disclosed if it was not so he would have already gone back home. He was touched by the legendary Mauritian kindness and helpfulness. His special thanks went to Assoc Prof Puchooa, the Dean, Assoc Prof Driver, Dr Santchurn, Mrs Assebai, Ms Zeenut Ms Boodhoo (Research Assistant), the admin staff, Mr Toree and Mr Ali. In his final word, he emphasised that his stay has helped him to deepen his knowledge in his field of predilection and be more aware of the local context under which research is carried out. He donated books to the Microbiology Unit and is very happey to continue to collaborate with the Faculty.

FareWell Prof. We will keep in touch

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