Mar 13, 2012

YoBLoCo Awarded to a Mauritian- Ms Nawsheen Hosenally, an Alumni of the Faculty

This is to inform you that Nawsheen Hosenally (a former student at the Faculty; BSc (Hons) Agric - spp Agricultural Extension) has won the first prize for the YoBloCo blog competition organised by CTA. More info at the YoBLoCo website

Ms Nawsheen Hosenally is engaged in many activities related to agricultural development, namely Agricultural Rural Development and Youth in the Information Society (ARDYIS) and the Mauritius Agricultural Information Specialist Network (MAISNET).

Nashween (23 years) blog "Nawsheen World", addresses the main issues and key information about agriculture in Mauritius and in other developing countries. She also writes about the activities in which she is engaged. Her blog can be accessed here.

Warm congratulations to Nawsheen! for raising the flag of both Mauritius and her Alma Mater, The Faculty of Agriculture.

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nawsheen Hosenally said...

Thanks loads! I have had a very good experience at FoA, which is where all these activities started. Despite being the smallest one, it is certainly the best faculty in UoM! :)