Feb 27, 2013

A film to inspire young people to invest in agriculture, sustainably

Ismaël Issouf Abdallah tire encore chaque jour les bénéfices de son investissement dans l'agriculture 

The aim of the film was to get younger people on Anjouan to invest in agriculture rather than taking the dangerous option to try and get to the neighboring island of Mayotte. The film follows the story of Ismaël Issouf Abdallah from Adda. Over the last ten years he made six attempts to stay and work in Mayotte. Three times his boat was stopped by border controls during the crossing, and three times he made it, but was later caught by the police and sent back. In 2012 he decided he’d had enough and that he would stay in Anjouan and try farming.  He came to seek advice from the ECDD project on how to restore the fertility to the field he had inherited from his father, and with the help of Badroudine Ali and other technicians from the project he created a successful market garden and started to make a good living from it.

This was Kitty’s last project with ECDD. You can read her blog article about creating the film on our website.

You can now watch the film online here

We hope you enjoy the film – do let us know what you think!

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ECDD Team 

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