Nov 26, 2013

Survey on Artificial Meat

Dear Colleague,
In France, a great debate is occuring about artificial meat. One group of students is working on that subject and has made a small survey
Please, would you be kind enough to answer this survey and to disseminate it in your country and outside your country to all your friends, family, and students (using facebook and other tools) ? The idea is to get as many answers as possible all over the World to have robust statisticegards,

JF HOCQUETTE INRA, Unité de Recherches sur les Herbivores
Président du Conseil Scientifique du GIS "Muscle Viande et Produits Carnés"
Editeur Scientifique de la revue "Viandes et Produits Carnés" INRA, Theix 63122 Saint-Genès Champanelle

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