Nov 22, 2013

Update on Social Media Tools

Dear ALL,
A range of new collaborative technologies such as social networking sites, file sharing tools, crowdsourcing systems, wikis, and almost too many others to name—are fundamentally changing the way we communicate and connect. It has changed the way of working in all spheres of the economy so rapidly that keeping pace and understanding their usefulness is often daunting. 

At the Faculty of Agriculture, we have organised  3 CTA-funded WEB 2 tools training sessions  in July 2012 and Jan 2013 to showcase their uses to stakeholders in the agriculture sector. Yet in the span of a year, new tools have come up and more examples on their uses are being reported daily. 

To keep up with the rapid change in communication and collaborative technologies, check out this new link for its rich content and for helpful explanations on using webtools and social media for learning, collaboration, planning etc at and an easy to use website 

Thank You and keep sharing !!!!!!!

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