Sep 7, 2015

Wholesale Market of Vegetables in Mauritius

 115 mille tonnes de fruits et légumes sont produits chaque année à Maurice. Une grosse majorité est écoulée dans les ventes à la criée à Port Louis, Vacoas et Flacq. Cela dure depuis des années mais les conditions ne sont pas toujours au goût des opérateurs ou des décideurs. Pour y remédier, un marché national sera construit à Belle Rive au coût de Rs 345 millions . 

The setting up of a National Wholesale Market was the main theme of a half-day Stakeholder's Consultative Meeting which was held today at the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute, Réduit in the presence of the Minister of Agro Industry and Food Security, Mr Mahen Kumar Seeruttun.

In his address, the Minister outlined that the present marketing conditions of fruits and vegetables in Mauritius are considered unsatisfactory by almost all local operators of the production and marketing chain. Small growers have made representations to the Ministry for an alternative marketing solution other than the existing auction markets of Port Louis, Vacoas and Flacq, he said.

According to Mr Seeruttun, to address these issues, a National Wholesale Market will be set up and the wholesale marketing of fruits and vegetables will be reorganised at national level through concentration of volumes in a single place. Land to an extent of 30 Arpents has been earmarked at Five Ways, Belle Rive and the project is estimated to cost Rs 345 million.

With the coming into operation of a National Wholesale Market, there will be better market efficiency, synergies and cost sharing among operators. Such an infrastructure will provide better transparency in market dealings and at the same time put up modern and adequate premises to the fruits and vegetables food system, said the Minister.

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