Dec 7, 2016


The students (from left to right) - Simon, Sall, Willy, Fall, Solomon, Casimir, Joanne,and Leo
The graduation ceremony for the MSc Agribusiness Management students (7 out of 8 being HAAGRIM scholars) was held on Tuesday 29th November 2016. This graduation ceremony is the culmination point of a programme of studies which started in August 2015.  It was attended by (1) The Chancellor, Dr J.C Autrey, (2) The Vice-Chancellor, Prof- R.Mohee, (3) The Pro-VC (Academia) and (4) The Registrar, Mrs Issur-Goorah, and her staff. HAAGRIM is a flagship project for the Faculty and University. This project has helped us to acquire skills and experience in running successfully such type of EU-funded projects.

We are indeed proud at the Faculty of Agriculture for having been able to accompany the foreign HAAGRIM students for almost 18 months until the successful completion of their postgraduate degree. These African students are now alumni of the UoM and will be our UoM brand ambassadors on the African continent.  This is a good example of the internationalisation of our academic activities.

They all have had a very rich professional exposure during their 6 month work placement and some of them have even contributed to improvements and innovations in their placement organisations through their dissertation work (e.g allowing one agrifood enterprise to obtain the Maurigap and Made in Moris certifications through the setting up of a traceability system from farm to supermarket; providing a mathematical tool to the Chemistry division of the MSIRI for faster and cost-effective calculation of fertiliser recommendations to producers etc.

Bravo a toute L'equipe, avec une mention speciale a Dr B.Ramsawmy qui est la cheville ouvriere de cette programme de HAAGRIM.

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