Dec 21, 2016


Innovative farmers on the small screen – watch and learn with Agribusiness TV

The Agribusiness WeB TV founders Mr   Inoussa Maiga and co-founder Nawsheen Hosenally - an alumnus of the Faculty of Agriculture- visited the Faculty of Agriculture on 20 Dec 2016 to discuss their Agribusiness TV project, a web-based video channel that brings news on successful young innovators in African agriculture and why it is important to encourage youth in agriculture.

Founded 7 months ago in Burkina Faso, the channel’s videos have already been viewed over 1 million times, their Facebook page has over 63,000 fans, and over 3,000 people have downloaded their mobile application.

In their short, informative videos, they get to meet young agripreneurs – producers, processers, and innovators – who share their stories. So far, the channel has videos from eight different sub-Saharan countries. All stories are broadcasted both in English and French, and shared on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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